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Moth Sprays for Clothes Moth Prevention


Many customers ask about Moth Sprays so we thought it best to outline the options.  Now temperatures have warmed up, clothes moths are appearing all over and coming to prominence in the national media, as well as in our homes!  Moth Spray can be used effectively to help combat these destructive pests.

Using a moth spray as an integral part of the solution to dealing with a clothes moth infestation is recommended and there are several different uses outlined below:

  1. Clothes protection and Fabric Sprays:  these are designed for application on clothes and bedding and they primarily work as a clothes moths repellent – examples are those based on a neem oil or herbal fragrance and usually do not stain.  Also available are protector sprays containing natural pesticides extracted from African chrysanthemums can be used on upholstery, rugs and carpets to prevent carpet moth larvae damage.  Natural pesticide based protector sprays kill larvae present during application and leave the pesticide in place and effective for the next 2-3 weeks.
  1. Space and Knockdown Sprays:  these types of spray are used to apply directly on moths and larvae identified and contain a heavy dose of pesticides. They can also be used as a space spray, being very effective in dealing with adult clothes moths and larvae in enclosed environments such as drawers and wardrobes.
  1. Killing Organic Powder Sprays: usually made of an inert substance - diatomaceous earth, its chemical content being silica.  Powder sprays desiccate (draw out moisture) from larvae and eggs of moths as well as other insects such as fleas.  This spray is very good for infested carpets and should be left in place for a week or two to ensure any larvae that subsequently emerge into the powdered area are destroyed
  1. Trigger Sprays: best used in kitchens where natural pesticides are preferred to deal with food moths – typically plant based and organic for safe use.  Trigger sprays are recommended for use in conjunction with food moth traps located inside kitchen cupboards and elsewhere where food moths may be found.

The key determinants for deciding which sprays to use are what you are trying to achieve with the spray (eliminating clothes moths vs. dissuading them from settling, for example) and whether you have any issues with the use of pesticides in the house, in which case there are natural and organic alternatives, although they may take a little longer to make in eradicating these pests.

Good luck in protecting your investment in your clothes and carpets by keeping moths away from your home! – The UK’s Widest Range for Moth Control

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